Natural flowers that remain fresh looking and vibrant day after day,  for at least 6 months.

What We Do – At Heinau Flowers, we believe you can have your cake and eat it too. Flowers are meant to stimulate your senses and fulfill your need for beauty and elegance. For too long this has proven to be an expensive indulgence. Inevitably the beauty fades in a few days and the flowers are only a memory in a week or two. That’s the element we’ve changed at Heinau: you still have the dramatic impact of fresh flowers on Day One, but now you have exactly the same impact for up to a full year.

How It Works – Heinau Flowers are 100% natural fresh-cut blooms – nothing plastic or silk or artificial. Right at the farm, when the blossoms are cut at the peak of their quality, the water and sap in the plant cells are replaced by our proprietary certified non-toxic moisturizer, leaving the petals as soft, supple and beautiful as they were before harvest. Each preserved flower will continue to absorb moisture from the air, prolonging its natural beauty. We use all-natural ingredients with a result that is safe, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

What You Get – Heinau provides a unique fusion of beauty and value. For the first time, the pure natural elegance of freshly cut flowers can be yours every day, month after month, at a genuinely affordable price. If you’re currently buying flowers on a regular basis for your home or business, we can cut your annual flower budget by as much as 75% – without sacrificing a single sensory indulgence. Heinau Flowers can design custom floral arrangements using your own special vases, or you can choose from our online gallery.

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Someone I know gave a mutual friend one of your flowers for her B-Day. I fell in love with this classy present at once!  Yes, I would like to receive your newsletter and I will go to your place in the next days. Thank you. 


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