About Heinau Flowers

Heinau Flowers are 100% natural fresh-cut blooms

SmartBlooms by Heinau provide a unique fusion of beauty and value. For the first time, the pure and natural elegance of freshly cut flowers can be yours every day for up to a year, at a genuinely affordable price.  If you buy flowers on a regular basis for your home or business, we can cut your annual flower budget by as much as 75%, without sacrificing a single sensory indulgence.

SmartBlooms are 100% natural flowers.  When the blossoms are cut at the farm at their quality peak, the water and sap in the plant cells are replaced by our proprietary certified non-toxic moisturizer, leaving the petals as soft and supple as they were before harvest.  Each preserved flower will continue to absorb moisture from the air, prolonging it’s beauty.  We use natural ingredients that are safe, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

Heinau can design custom flower arrangements using your favorite vase, or you can discuss your needs with one of our designers.  We can match any color palette from a room in your home or office.  Heinau flowers are maintenance-free and require absolutely no water.  Your flowers will have the same color, texture and softness at the end of a year, that they had the first day you brought them home.

The Bottom LIne

•  Significant Savings in your Annual Flower Budget

•  Carefree & Maintenance-free

•  The Beauty and Elegance of Fresh Cut Flowers

•  Classic and Contemporary Designs

•  Environmentally Friendly

•  Custom Solutions for Residential or Business locations

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