The Quick Rise of an Interesting Brand: Heinau Flowers

MIAMI (GlobeNewswire) Sept. 17, 2014

For several years, Heinau Flowers was seen but no one knew who they were. They served as an incredible ‘behind-the-scenes’ purveyor of floral arrangements for several high-end facilities throughout South Florida; the facilities included resorts, cruise ships, office towers, and bank branches.

But these were not just any flowers; these were custom designed arrangements that lasted a minimum of 6 months and never required watering. The only maintenance required was the occasional repair of damages caused by passersby. These arrangements, made of roses, hydrangeas, or orchids, became popular for those ‘in the know.’ Heinau’s floral designs were more interesting than those traditionally found in say, a hotel lobby, but allowed facility managers to display real flowers for a dramatically lower cost. Click here to read more.

Kompani Group Launches New Website on 3dcart Platform:

The use of the 3dcart shopping platform, more than just accommodating.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) July 08, 2014

Kompani Group has been building e-commerce solutions for clients for the past 10 years, and have tried almost every platform and custom code imaginable. When it came time to build a new site for their own they knew they wanted to go with 3dcart for several reasons, among them “ongoing support and automatic updates, a devotion to “e-commerce best practices and intuitive user interfaces” which are standard, not multi-modular based on subsequent purchases, stated Adam Olen, Managing Director of both sites. From the basic tabula rasa, provided by 3dcart, Olen and crew were able to create a functional, aesthetic and customizable website in “Blooms by Heinau” a custom flower shop dedicated to excellence and distinctiveness with arrangements guaranteed to last a minimum of 6 months with no water and no maintenance.  Click here to read more.

Today Show

Bobbi Thomas suggests Heinau Flowers for Valentine’s day. Featured on the Today Show Feb 7th, 2014 with Kathie Lee and Hoda

Testimonial: Mercedes

Someone I know gave a mutual friend one of your flowers for her B-Day. I fell in love with this classy present at once!  Yes, I would like to receive your newsletter and I will go to your place in the next days. Thank you. 



Flowers are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! I absolutely love the vase and color of hydrangeas. I hope you photographed for book. I don’t have a camera, but when I get near one, I will send to you. Thank you so much! We love both arrangements.

Lori K.

Heinau Flowers featured in New York House

Vicki Distefano writes about Heinau Flowers in New York House Magazine!

Read the full article at: New York House – Flower Power Smart Blooms by Heinau Flowers

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with Heinau Flowers

Flowers are beautiful and delight the senses, but they come at a high price in terms of production and transportation.  A flowers carbon footprint is measured by the carbon dioxide that enters the earth’s atmosphere from it’s initial stage of growth and production to it’s final destination on our table and desks.  CO2 is the foremost man-made greenhouse gas contributing to global warming.  Transporting flowers around the world causes high CO2 emissions from trucks and freight planes.  As consumers, we don’t think of this when deciding which bouquet to give for anniversaries or birthdays, or to brighten a room in our homes or offices.

Think for a minute about what’s “hidden behind the curtain” when you buy a bunch of fresh-cut flowers at your local florist, supermarket or roadside stand.  Chances are those flowers were grown in South America.  Flowers are the #1 perishable import into Miami, and almost 90% of the 4.5 billion fresh-cut flowers imported into the United States every year come into Miami, where they are repackaged for delivery to wholesalers. Every single day, at least 40,000 cases of perishable flowers arrive at Miami International Airport.

Talk about a carbon footprint!  Those cases of flowers are loaded into refrigerated trucks at the farms in Ecuador and Colombia, then loaded onto cargo planes for immediate shipment by air, then unloaded into refrigerated trucks and delivered to refrigerated warehouses. Then the planes fly south again to pick up more loads. The environmental impact (and cost) of all that jet fuel and all that refrigerant is staggering.

Many companies are touting the substitution of plants for flowers, as gifts, in weddings and as decoration in our homes.  While this is a viable solution for something to put in a pot or vase, this does not satisfy us as greatly as flowers.  Flower arrangements date back to ancient Egypt, where flowers were selected according to symbolic meaning.  These associations have carried through to modern day.  Can you imagine giving your beloved a potted cactus to convey your love, in place of red roses, on Valentine’s day?

What then is the solution, to satisfy both the need for fresh cut flowers, and the desire to be conscious consumers who want to preserve the planet for our children and grandchildren?  Buying flowers that are locally grown is an option, but depending on the climate in your region, this may or may not be helping.  In cooler climates, flowers are generally grown in greenhouses under artificial conditions (heating and lighting where fossil fuels are burned). Dried and silk flowers are options, but neither one manages to delight the Flowernistas discerning admiration of natural beauty, like only a real flower can do.  There is really only one answer: a real flower that is naturally treated to retain it’s beauty and freshness that remains fresh and lasts for many months.  This type of flower will help reduce the carbon footprint, and the weekly expense of keeping fresh flowers.  Imagine a one time purchase for up to a year to appreciate the beauty of natural flowers.


Testimonial from Trish

The flowers arrived safely and in good condition. I had no problem assembling with your meticulous instructions. I am delighted with the arrangement and the colours work beautifully. Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. Best wishes