Heinau Flowers Featured on Deco Drive

Lynn Martinez on Deco Drive covering the the Royal Wedding while holding a Heinau Flowers Bouquet.

Heinau Flowers featured on Allure

Here it is!!! Our coverage in ALLURE by beauty dynamo Heather Muir. Her take on Heinau Flowers–Just in time for Mother’s Day

Carbon BigFoot: Looking for Green in Your Flower Purchases

It’s not often that you can do something genuinely good that also feels personally indulgent.  At Heinau, we’ve got just that unusual and winning combination for you.

You already know that our flowers are luxurious, beautiful and uniquely long lasting. You’ve marveled at the selection of vivid colors and taken advantage of our ability to create distinctive arrangements that range from elegant to whimsical. And you continue to be surprised that the blooms remain naturally soft and supple month after month.

In the midst of all that, you may have overlooked the fact that enjoying Heinau Flowers also allows you to make a significant contribution to the Greening of our shared environment.

It’s true that “green” has become one of those buzz words that clever marketers attach to everything from windowpanes to potato chips. But in it’s truest form, it means measurably reducing the carbon footprint your activities generate.

We can help you do that in a significant way.

Think for a minute about what’s “hidden behind the curtain” when you buy a bunch of fresh-cut flowers at your local florist, supermarket or roadside stand.  Chances are those flowers were grown in South America.  Flowers are the #1 perishable import into Miami, and almost 90% of the 4.5 billion fresh-cut flowers imported into the United States every year come into Miami, where they are repackaged for delivery to wholesalers. Every single day, at least 40,000 cases of perishable flowers arrive at Miami International Airport.

Talk about a carbon footprint!  Those cases of flowers are loaded into refrigerated trucks at the farms in Ecuador and Colombia, then loaded onto cargo planes for immediate shipment by air, then unloaded into refrigerated trucks and delivered to refrigerated warehouses. Then the planes fly south again to pick up more loads. The environmental impact (and cost) of all that jet fuel and all that refrigerant is staggering.

Figuring out how you, together with Heinau, can minimize this footprint is a simple calculation.  Most businesses and many homeowners buy perishable flowers every week, tossing last week’s in the trash, because they understand their value to the ambiance. If you switch to a Heinau Flowers arrangement, you won’t have to replace it for approximately 51 weeks (maybe longer).  That means you’re reducing your personal consumption of jet fuel and refrigerant related to flower purchases by 98%!

If this issue is something you care about – if you have changed the kinds of light bulbs you use or recycle those pesky plastic water bottles, for example – Heinau now gives you a way to measurably contribute while still indulging yourself in the luxury of beautiful flowers every day.  Do good, feel good, all in the same package.

Heinau Flowers at a Miami Wedding

Way back in August, Bonnie Thomas and her family enjoyed a week’s cruise aboard RCCL’s signature ship, Oasis of the Seas. (At the time, Oasis was the largest cruise ship in the world, now equaled by her sister vessel Allure of the Seas.) Bonnie’s daughter Lauren had recently become engaged and was admiring the hydrangea centerpieces that Heinau Flowers of Miami had installed in the main dining rooms aboard the ship. When they were back on land, she called the main RCCL offices in Miami and eventually found someone who could tell her the name of the hydrangea arrangement supplier: Heinau Flowers Miami. She contacted us through our website, sending a note that said in part, “My daughter fell in love with your hydrangea arrangements on the tables of the main dining room on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas and would LOVE to find out how to have these same flowers for her bridal/bridesmaid bouquets for her wedding in March 2011. Does your company do small orders like that? All we need is one white hydrangea bouquet and 3 dark blue hydrangea bouquets. We would be so grateful to find out how to get these beautiful flowers for her.” Of course we were happy to help – who doesn’t love a good romance? By the time Lauren’s March wedding rolled around, we had shipped four pure white bouquets, corsages for the mothers and boutonnieres for all the men to Philadelphia. It was a beautiful and festive wedding, everybody loved the flowers, and Lauren is especially happy that she’ll be able to save her elegant white hydrangea bouquet for years of memories. Bonnie’s final word, when she sent the photographs here? “The wedding was perfect. Thank you for your huge part in the outcome!”

Testimonial: highest quality of its kind

The product offered from Heinau is the utmost highest quality of its kind. They deliver on all points of great customer service. I will gladly recommend their products as well as their service.

Joseph F.

Testimonial: the talk of Boca Raton

I wanted to send you a note of sincerest thanks for the beautiful presentations you have created for our Club this Season. The members have made numerous comments about how sensational they are, especially in our Steakhouse. The three individual floral pieces with fillers have been the talk of Boca Raton with our members and their guests from other Clubs.

Your company has been truly easy to work with and you all have a creative touch and flair!! Thank you for making an impact this year…It has made our job much easier.

I look forward to working on future floral pieces in the years to come!!!

Matthew L.

Testimonial: everything was a huge success

The flower quality was outstanding and very well received. Our fellow partners were totally impressed with the flowers and the variety. Your service level and timing of everything was a huge success. The flower arrangements also lasted as long as promised. Great job!

Robert L.

Testimonial: I fell in love

I fell in love our dining table centerpiece during a recent Oasis of the Seas cruise and was wondering if one can purchase your products from a retail establishment? If yes, where? I love flowers and would cherish a Heinau arrangement for my home.

Nora C.