The Quick Rise of an Interesting Brand: Heinau Flowers

MIAMI (GlobeNewswire) Sept. 17, 2014 For several years, Heinau Flowers was seen but no one knew who they were. They served as an incredible ‘behind-the-scenes’ purveyor of floral arrangements for several high-end facilities throughout South Florida; the facilities included resorts, cruise ships, office towers, and bank branches. But these were not just any flowers; these […]

Carbon BigFoot: Looking for Green in Your Flower Purchases

It’s not often that you can do something genuinely good that also feels personally indulgent.  At Heinau, we’ve got just that unusual and winning combination for you. You already know that our flowers are luxurious, beautiful and uniquely long lasting. You’ve marveled at the selection of vivid colors and taken advantage of our ability to […]

For centuries, flowers have spoken to the human heart — now they speak to your brain too.

What We Do – At Heinau Flowers, we believe you can have your cake and eat it too. Flowers should stimulate your senses and fulfill your need for beauty and elegance. For too long this has proven to be an expensive indulgence. Inevitably the beauty fades in a few days and the flowers are only […]