Someone I know gave a mutual friend one of your flowers for her B-Day. I fell in love with this classy present at once!  Yes, I would like to receive your newsletter and I will go to your place in the next days. Thank you. 


Flowers are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! I absolutely love the vase and color of hydrangeas. I hope you photographed for book. I don’t have a camera, but when I get near one, I will send to you. Thank you so much! We love both arrangements.

Lori K.

The flowers arrived safely and in good condition. I had no problem assembling with your meticulous instructions. I am delighted with the arrangement and the colours work beautifully. Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. Best wishes


The product offered from Heinau is the utmost highest quality of its kind. They deliver on all points of great customer service. I will gladly recommend their products as well as their service.

Joseph F.

I wanted to send you a note of sincerest thanks for the beautiful presentations you have created for our Club this Season. The members have made numerous comments about how sensational they are, especially in our Steakhouse. The three individual floral pieces with fillers have been the talk of Boca Raton with our members and their guests from other Clubs.

Your company has been truly easy to work with and you all have a creative touch and flair!! Thank you for making an impact this year…It has made our job much easier.

I look forward to working on future floral pieces in the years to come!!!

Matthew L.

The flower quality was outstanding and very well received. Our fellow partners were totally impressed with the flowers and the variety. Your service level and timing of everything was a huge success. The flower arrangements also lasted as long as promised. Great job!

Robert L.

I fell in love our dining table centerpiece during a recent Oasis of the Seas cruise and was wondering if one can purchase your products from a retail establishment? If yes, where? I love flowers and would cherish a Heinau arrangement for my home.

Nora C.

I ordered flowers for Julie for VD, just wanted you to know it’s very impressive (cust service, the product …etc)

David S.

The flowers you donated are spectacular! Thanks so much! Please let me know the retail value of each of them so I can include that on the display. They are going to be a big hit at the party.

Lyndy L.