Can we add beautiful accents to your home?

You can think of a Heinau Flower arrangement as a piece of fine art in your home, a designer-selected interior accessory. Because that’s what it is. When you choose a ceramic bowl overflowing with five dozen vibrant orange roses, or a sleek alloy boat filled with peacock blue hydrangea, you have confidence that months and months from now it will still be providing the splash of accent color you first imagined. Our elegant Rose Trio by the side of your bed or the classic Gardenia Pyramid in the guest bath make the same kind of statement in smaller spaces.

Let us know what color palette you’d like to work with, or send us a photograph of your room and its furnishings to We’ll be happy to offer some recommendations that might spark a burst of creativity. Visitors to your home will be fascinated by your unique flowers and will still be talking about them days later.

Can we help decorate your hotel, club or meeting space?

There’s a reason why you’ll find Heinau Flowers in Florida’s largest Country Club, on board the two largest cruise ships in the world, and in distinctive hotel and restaurant properties. It’s simple, really. We can create arrangements that are completely consistent with the quality image you want to project every day, and save you major amounts of money in the process. If your top priority is saving money, this is your solution. If your top priority is enduring beauty, this is your solution. If you care equally about both those things, there is absolutely no need to look further.

Can we save you money in your annual flower budget?

If you’re currently buying flowers on a regular basis for your home or business, we can cut your annual flower budget by as much as 75% – without sacrificing a single sensory indulgence. Pencil this out: to create the image you like, you’re spending a certain number of dollars every week on perishable flowers, week after week. After about your first full month with a Heinau Flowers program, your weekly flower budget can be redirected other places, like to improved employee benefits or shareholder distributions. We can match your color palette and style of furnishings, and we can offer seasonal flower rotation. This is a carefree, maintenance-free program for you; and six months from now, your Heinau Flowers will have the same color, texture and softness as the first time you see them.

Can we help you plan your wedding or party flowers?

Generations of brides have wistfully watched their wedding bouquets fade away, leaving some pressed leaves and a few discolored blooms as memory triggers. We’ve changed all that. Your bouquet, your attendants’ flowers, even the centerpieces on the reception tables can still be vivid reminders of that beautiful event many, many months later. And if you want gardenias in your hair while you’re dancing, ours will still be lustrous white when the last guest has finally said goodnight.

The same is true of party flowers. Whether you’re a person who thrives on the energy of entertaining at home, or a professional event planner who aims to throw seamless dinner events several times a week, Heinau’s product line offers you drama, versatility and remarkable affordability – all in one package.

The Bottom Line

  • Significant Savings in Your Annual Flower Budget
  • Maintenance-Free and Carefree
  • All the Beauty and Elegance of Fresh Cut Flowers
  • Both Classic and Contemporary Designs Customized for Your Space
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Custom Solutions for Business, Hospitality and Residential Locations
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